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Masterspool / dasfilament Refill Review

What is a Masterspool? How does it work? Would I recommend it? Find out!

Update regarding unixb0y MK3 Z-probing / PINDA setup

Today I only have a small update regarding my most probably final Z-probing setup, while tomorrow I’ll release my review of the “Masterspool”!

Wemos D1 Mini Printer Monitor

A nice little afternoon project that helps you monitor your prints!

'Final' assembly of the Prusa i3 MK3 clone 3D-Printer, lessons learned and conclusions

Today I will explain my last few steps that were needed to get the printer up and running / printing. We'll also discuss the first issues and their solutions as well as the various different To-Do's that are left.

'Final' assembly of the Prusa i3 MK3 clone 3D-Printer, lessons learned and conclusions feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

Switchable Hotend fan circuit

How I created a simple circuit that allows me to toggle the hotend fan which is not supported by the RAMPS board by default.

Assembly of heatbed and new Y-carriage review

The MK3 Y-carriage unfortunately doesn't fit the "old" MK42 heatbed, so I had to get the right one and then I could assemble the heatbed as well as mounting it to the printer.

Designing and printing custom parts for the MK3

Multiple parts had to be custom-designed because of the modified extruder that I chose to use and because of bad-documented components regarding size etc. that were difficult to buy online.

ESP-01 / ESP8266 5V 1 Channel Relay Setup

How to program an ESP-01 and communicate with a "ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay"

Update on the Plan + Arrival of new parts!

The plan for how to approach the frame build and about the extruder choice changed once again.

TMC2130 Part 2

Creation of the wiring harness and RAMPS mod for LCD + TMC2130

TMC2130 Part 2 feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

TMC2130 and Firmware Setup!

Modification, installation, configuration and testing of the TMC2130 stepper drivers.

TMC2130 and Firmware Setup! feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

Various things that happened over the last month

Shipping of LCD adapter, MK42 heatbed and more

Various things that happened over the last month feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

LCD Assembly, Heatbed Issues and Getting a MK42!

This is the first Banggood shipment to arrive and it included the LCD with rotary encoder and SD-Card reader as well as a so-called “MK3-heated bed” (more on that later!!), the belts and pulleys for X- and Y-Axis and a 3-pack of silicone E3D-nozzle covers.


Assembly of the MK2.3 extruder

Today's plan was to spend only a few minutes on this project to assemble the MK2.3 extruder that I had talked about in the last post. It turned out not to be as trivial, because one of the printed parts did not fit.. We're going to design, print and repeat until everything fits as it should!

The MK2.3 extruder

My extruder / hotend choice and why I chose it

The MK2.3 extruder feature image Photo Credit: Prusa Research

Printed Parts

Process of printing all of the required parts

Printed Parts feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

Planning Phase

What to buy? What to build? What to print?

Planning Phase feature image Photo Credit: Davide Toldo

The background story

What am I doing?

I am building a Prusa i3 MK3 “clone”, out of parts bought from different sellers and stores, basically as cheap as possible while still being as close to the “real deal” as possible. I try not to spend money on stuff that is not essential to the benefits of the MK3.


Because the MK3 is an awesome machine that I really like, but for me it is too expensive. Also, I always like a challenge and this right here is surely more difficult than just buying a kit and assembling it in an afternoon. This documentation of the project should not only show you the progress, but might hopefully help someone get his own MK3 if he is on a budget and ready to tinker a bit!